EXPLORE and SHARE your experiences

We LOVE OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD and we would love you to share your experiences of living in Firs & Bromford, or the wider Hodge Hill area.

Click on one of the themes below to explore further, to see what others have shared, and to share your own pictures, stories and reflections.

What are we discovering about our NEIGHBOURHOOD and our NEIGHBOURS?

Share your stories and pictures of what’s going in our neighbourhood right now that’s good, what’s not happening at the moment that you’re really missing, and what from this time we should be building on for the future.

Who are our UNSUNG HEROES?

During this time there have been so many people making a huge difference in our neighbourhood. Tell us who you want to celebrate – right now, and when we can throw a big party once COVID19 is behind us.

Gardening & Growing

Submit your entries to the FAB Gardens 2020 garden competition and share other gardening ideas, news and activities.

Together We Cook

Together We Cook is a project encouraging us to try new food, new recipes, use ingredients that we perhaps wouldn’t use, explore cooking, use surplus food and hopefully have fun. Click the link to see more about the project

Who are we GRIEVING?

Sadly at this time we are losing loved ones: family, friends and neighbours. We’ll also be more aware of those we’ve lost in past months and years. Please use this space to share pictures and stories of people we’re grieving.

What are we discovering about OURSELVES and how we VIEW THE WORLD?

In this time we might well be discovering things about ourselves that we’d not realised before. We might find ourselves seeing the world very differently. Share your reflections here – in pictures, words, stories and more.

‘What can I OFFER?’

Have you got skills or time, ideas or very practical things you’d love to share with your neighbours right now, but aren’t sure how to? Do you want to get involved in your neighbourhood in new ways? Let us know, and we’ll support you to turn your idea into a practical reality.

‘I need (or know a neighbour who needs) HELP or SUPPORT’

Do you – or someone you know – need a bit of help, practical or emotional support at this time? There are all kinds of ways we can connect you up with neighbours who are offering their time and themselves, and with advice and support services both locally and wider. Get in touch with us here.

Thought for the week

We’re inviting all kinds of different local people to share their reflections on this time, to encourage and inspire us. Listen to some of them here – and if you’d like to offer your own, do get in touch with us.


Neighbourhood Pilgrimage

Share your reflections here from the ‘neighbourhood pilgrimage’ walk, over the bank holiday weekend of Sunday 24th & Monday 25th May…

I’d like to PRAY for…’

A space (for people of all faiths and none) to post requests for prayer, and to offer prayers: saying thank you for something good, asking for help for a tough situation, or praying for someone else who needs help.

Stories from our Street Connectors

This blog has been created to tell the story of our street connectors.  The story of our journey to connect things together in our neighbourhood. We are a group of people with a passion to nurture community by getting onto our streets, and actively finding creative ways to connect together people, places, groups, ideas, energy, hopes and dreams. It’s that simple!