‘I need (or know a neighbour who needs) HELP or SUPPORT’


Do you – or someone you know – need a bit of help, practical or emotional support at this time? There are all kinds of ways we can connect you up with neighbours who are offering their time and themselves, and with advice and support services both locally and wider.

  • FOOD — we can deliver weekly food packages, with the support of Bethany FoodBank, to anyone who needs them; we can also link you up with people who are delivering hot meals every day, if that is helpful;
  • BENEFITS ADVICE — if you have concerns or questions about accessing benefits at the moment, we can help you understand what you’re entitled to, and how to access it;
  • MONEY — if you are in need of money (e.g. for phone credit, gas or electric, or other essential items), we can arrange for a grant of up to £25 a month — thanks to the generosity of local people, donating to our Mutual Aid Fund;
  • SUPPORT — if you want someone to talk to, we can offer a listening ear, signpost you to other sources of advice and support, and/or link you up with friendly neighbours who live near you.

Phone the Hub on 0121 448 3739 (Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm) if you’d like to talk with someone about these – or any other – possibilities for help and support. Or get in touch with us by using this form here.

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